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Tuesday, February 27, 2018


Why take a photo class?

Do you own a digital camera but are so overwhelmed by all the bells, whistles, and buttons that you give up and leave it set on automatic?
Would you like to be able to make excellent images instead of the average snapshots you get from the automatic settings?
On the first night of one of my beginning classes, a student expressed the opinion that he took good photos. After 3 lessons the same student stated that he now realized what a good photo looked like and that his work was greatly improving.
One of the primary reasons to take a photo class is to learn to appreciate and identify a quality image. This gives you a tangible goal to aim for.
A second reason is to learn the technical information required to create a quality image. An excellent result is based on proper knowledge and correct application of photographic principles.
A third reason is to receive feedback and support as you develop your photographic talents. A good instructor will guide you to create your best work.
The last but not least is to HAVE FUN!  Enjoy and share your photos of family holidays, reunions, friends, your pets antics, vacations,  and gorgeous sunsets.
The next session of classes begins March 5th. You may sign up by using the Paypal link in the right sidebar. I hope to see you in class.

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Cedar Falls- A Study in Black and White

Cedar Falls a Study in Balck and White

A well-recognized waterfall in the Hocking Hills region of Ohio.
Sometimes things just look better in  B and W. This is a case in point.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Working Hard

--- All Rolled Up ---

Sometimes I feel like this looks.
All wrapped up in my projects with no escape key.

Busy preparing for a show at:
Carriage Hill Metro Park Gallery,
Dayton, Ohio
The show runs from Oct 1st to Nov 30th.
If you are in the area please stop in and
be sure to sign the guest book.

Also getting ready for vacation.
We take about 6 weeks in the fall just to
photograph in the mountains.
All up and down the Appalachian Range.
A great time to be in the Blue Ridge,
the Shenandoah Valley, and the
Great Smoky Mountains.

That is not even to mention the great areas
like Hocking Hills in Ohio and the
Cumberland Falls area of Kentucky.

Fall really is my busy time of year.
So, watch for the changes which will
be showing up: new photos,
very likely a new blog

or at least some new features in the blog.

Remember to sign up for my newsletter.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Welcome ??

In all the times that I have gone down to Hocking Hills
I have always felt welcome.
Except the time that we got shot at, which is
another story for another time.
But, mostly we have felt welcome.

It appears however, that not everyone is as welcome.
Some folks have had enough of .........

Since my neighborhood is one that seems to
attract the salesmen and the religious nuts,
I really understand this sign.

Maybe I should make one for the front door.
heh heh heh

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Storm Over Mt Logan

Driving through the rain yesterday,
on the way to Hocking Hills.
I looked to my left and found the front
part of the storm was right over Mt Logan.

So, the search began for a foreground object.
It needed to have some color since the
storm clouds were mostly dark/ black.
It needed to relate to the over all scene.
Meaning that it should be natural
rather than man made.
And most importantly, it needed to have
a place to park the car since Rt. 180
is a small 2 lane road with no pull-offs to speak of.
I also needed to find it fast since the
storm front light was always changing.

Ah, there it is....the perfect fore ground.
Flowers in bright colors, close to the
road, only about 75 yards into that field.
A cattle guard, pull-off.

Plastic bag over the Canon...
Gore-Tex over me...
the tripod can fend for its self.
Run through the rain...
28mm lens at F/11...
low placement....
1/4 th sec..
Got it !

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Chapel Ridge Church-Revisited

The weather person said that yesterday
was to be rain/ thunderstorms.
So of course, I had to go out with my camera.

For the entire 90 min drive I was watching
the sky become more & more ominous.

It seemed to peak just as I reached this
church-on-the-hill and set up the camera.

Unfortunately, the sky soon began
to clear and the day became
bright and sunny.
Which brought out the tourists and
raised the brightness range to a
point of no photos.

Ah well, it was a good day for a
little while.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Ash Cave

Ash Cave in the beautiful Hocking Hills Area.

This day was almost perfect. It had been 
raining and since this is a run-off falls
it was flowing well.
The sun light was reflecting from the sand
up into the cave, giving illumination to
the rock roof.

All in all, a very good day.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Cedar Falls

A quick trip on Monday
to see what the "Hills" looked like.
Spring comes almost overnight.
At least it seems like it.

Water falls flow nicely, new buds on the trees,
and the tourist season has not yet started.
All in all, a good trip.
More photos to follow,
as soon as my show goes up.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Have you ever noticed the wonderful color
of sandstone?
All objects get warmer as sunset approaches
and the light changes.
But sandstone seems to almost glow from within.
Maybe it is because the stone
is porous.

We went down into the Hocking Hills area
this last weekend and this is one of the 
things that we found.