I wanted to write a note and thank you for all you have done from the ”this is a camera” class to today.
I never imagined when I attended that first class that I was developing a love for photography, a hobby (and someday maybe a business) that I can pursue for the rest of my life.
For your patience, wisdom, and passion, I thank you for being a wonderful teacher.
Carrie Jena (carrie jena photography)

Shannon Scott:
Steve taught me, in the first 8 weeks, what I had been trying to teach myself for 5 years. Great personal attention and all of your questions are answered in a way that's easy to understand and apply. I saw drastic changes in my photos after just the first couple of weeks and still continue to learn so much in the advanced class. Wish I hadn't waited so long!

Samantha Lowry:
You are my number one Inspiration and recommendation!!! In just one year of your classes, I've learned more than I ever thought I could. I didn't realize just how much comes with it. I wouldn't be where I am today without your help. I can't thank you enough. You've shown me how to use my camera the correct way (manual everything) and I truly think I'm finally mastering that part...all the way to lighting and really just looking at what and WHY I am taking a photo in the first place. I'm more Inspired than I've ever been before. I'm sad I couldn't make the last two classes but after I have this baby I will be back next year!!!

Pamela Swiger Querry Wise:
Steves classes are amazing !! Not only do I learn so much but I have a great time: ) I started out just wanting to be the (Memory Keeper) lol for my family but I have learned so much in just 3 sessions that friends are asking me to take their pictures. He has so much patience and will take the time to answer any questions. If you are thinking about taking classes all I can tell you is..1.. Stop putting it off..2. He has small classes and lots of one on one..3. call Steve !!

Nancy Saks:
I've been in Steve's classes for about two years, and my photography has definitely improved. He teaches a wide variety of subjects, ranging from landscapes and portraits to studio lighting and post-processing. The continuing classes let you see how everyone keeps improving and I'd highly recommend them. One more thing - be sure to ask him before buying any equipment.

Judy Kegley-Brown:
Mr. Carl is an excellent teacher….very patient with people like me. It was hard to get used to taking pictures with the camera set on manual but between my new camera and Lightroom, I am doing OK. Have a blessed day. Love ya.

Mary Haley:
Steve is a fantastic photographer and teacher. I own several of his beautiful photos and they will become treasures to my children in the future. I live too far away to take his classes but I know he would be a wonderful teacher as he knows so much about his craft and continues to study about it all the time. What he doesn't know, he will find out for you. And his photos continue to amaze me.

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