Digital Photography Classes

Digital Photography Classes 

Photography Classes:
Learn from a working professional.
Eight-week sessions year-round.
Small class sizes.  Personal attention.
Weekend workshops throughout the year.
All levels of instruction: beginner to advanced.
The next eight-week sessions begin soon
The investment for any of the 8-week classes is  $ 125.00.
Note: All classes are held in Xenia, Ohio.
To register, please use the Paypal link in the right sidebar of my blog.  
Thank you.

Thank you for your interest in my classes.
Let me highlight some of the differences for you.

 This assumes (yes, I know about that ) that you have no prior knowledge of the camera. We spend most of the 8 weeks on basic camera controls and the "how-to" of picture taking.  The subjects covered include Exposure control, the use of Manual settings such as the shutter speeds and aperture, Depth of Field and how to control/use it, correct color / white balance, use of different lenses, along with some very basic composition studies, and the very very basics of computer work for the images.
The emphasis here is on getting the student to a point of familiarity with their equipment so that they are ready to move into the Intermediate class.

  This class is concerned with teaching you to get the correct exposure every time. We deal with the "Step System" which is a method of exposure control. We look at natural lighting, ambient light, and the color and the quality of light.  This class is also the beginning of your learning to "Post Process" your images on the computer.
In the last 2 sessions of this class, you learn the process of printing your work. 

 This is designed as an "on going" class, meaning that the students will sign up for it over & over for many terms.  This design allows for continuity in the learning process. To be comfortable in this class you will need to have an understanding of most of the subjects from the Beginning and Intermediate classes. You do not need to have taken my beginning class, you just need to have that basic information.
In this class we move into more specific areas of image making:  Landscape, close up work, Location Lighting with reflectors and flash, Product photography,  formal & informal Portraits both in the studio and on location, Posing and lighting for the individual, couples, children, and small groups, Studio Lighting with both flash and "hot lights", much more on Composition, and a lot of Photoshop / Lightroom image enhancement on the computer.  There are also discussions on Marketing your work and Studio operations.  With all this information to cover, you can see why it is on going. The emphasis of this class is on getting the student to the point of being able to create Professional quality images whether or not they ever plan to actually work in the field of photography.

Now, what do these classes have in common?
 All my classes are held to a small number of students. 
Although I have a university degree in photography,  I did not "really" learn the art until I worked as an apprentice to several professional photographers and studied one-on-one with many others.  I firmly believe that the best way to learn is by a combination of lecture and practical application with as much personal attention as possible. 
So, I have set up the classes in that manner.
What this means is that most sessions have a combination of lecture, fieldwork as a group, and some computer time to view and work on the session's images.  It is a jam-packed 2 hours.  It also means that I always try to give you the personal attention that is vital to the learning of any art.

I hope that you now have a better sense of what the classes are about and where you would fit in the process.
If you have any questions please feel free to send me an email or call me at 937-372-8718.

I hope to see you in class,


Stephen J Carl
975 N. Monroe Drive
Xenia, Ohio 45385

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