Thursday, June 29, 2017

Why take a Photo Class

Do you own a digital camera but are so overwhelmed by all the bells, whistles, and buttons that you give up and leave it  set on automatic?
Would you like to  be  able to make excellent images instead of the average snapshots you get from the automatic settings?
On the first night of one of my beginning classes, a student expressed the opinion that he took good photos. After 3 lessons the same student stated that he now realized what a good photo looked like and that his work was greatly improving.
One of the primary reasons to take a photo class is to learn to appreciate and identify a quality image. This gives you a tangible goal to aim for.
A second reason is to learn the technical information required to create a quality image. An excellent result is based on proper knowledge and correct application of photographic principles.
A third reason is to receive feedback and support as you develop your photographic talents. A good instructor will guide  you to create your best work.
The last but not least is to HAVE FUN !  Enjoy and share your photos of family holidays, reunions, friends, your pets antics, vacations,  and gorgeous sunsets.
Start Learning Today!!

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

West Virginia Waterfalls

A run-off waterfalls along Rt 41 in West Virginia.  A weekend outing to the "wilds" of W.Va. resulted in this image. It had been raining all weekend and was still raining as I stood under my umbrella to take this image. The constant rain had greatly contributed to the volume of water rolling over the falls. In high summer it does not look as good.