Monday, February 22, 2010

Before It All Melts




Just a few things from this winter.
I have not been out very much but I did get some atmospheric things.
It has been a long time since I did anything in B&W but this waterfalls seemed to warrant that treatment.

I am just dreaming of SPRING!!
Enough of the snow & the shovels & the neighbors getting stuck in the street out front.  
It is picturesque but I grow tired of it quickly.

Thursday, February 18, 2010



Across the street is a hedge with the holiday lights still working.
A remnant of Decembers past.

Makes me stop and think.
How many things that should be in the past am I still holding on to.
Time to sell some of the cameras that I have not used in years.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Round & Round

---Gears and Wheels---

It seems that discussions in the photo world just go round and round, never stopping. The arguments surrounding the use of digital cameras and Photoshop to create images is very reminiscent of the "sound and fury" that rose up over the use of film over glass plates, color over Black & White, or for that matter, the use of a camera over a brush & paints. 
How many of us today would want to go into our covered wagon and coat each frame before we exposed it?
I know that there are at least a few out there, since I know some of you personally.  
But, why all the fuss? The only constant thing in the universe is change. When we stop learning and growing, some one should close the lid of our coffin since we are no longer really living.

Some 40+ years ago, when I chose Photography as my life's work. I walked away from a career in business where I had my degree. Back to college for a degree in Arts/Photography and went into business for myself as a studio owner. In the course of my life as a professional photographer I have continuously attended classes and workshops in the latest methods and techniques. To fall behind was to lose ground to the competition and lose income as a result. 

I have gone from carrying flashbulbs and film holders as an apprentice wedding photographer. To a wet darkroom processing the black and white negatives and making prints. To a color darkroom doing the same thing except with no real light. To digital cameras, Photoshop, and large format printers. The cameras have changed. The processing has changed. The printing has changed.

Most importantly, the public perception of photography has changed. Almost everyone now has a camera and the ability to make a fair to middling print. It is no longer the arcane art of the dark and smelly room. But, that is for another post.

The point being, the march of progress is unrelenting.  So, get in the parade or be left behind. Embrace the challenge of the new methods. But remember, the art comes from the artist, not the tools.