Thursday, November 26, 2009

New Site

---Fall Smoke---

Last year, I set up my main website with prices and a shopping cart  to sell some work that was either in a current show or in the inventory of my gallery.
It was mentioned to me quite a few times that I should sell some of the smaller, less expensive photos on the site just like we do in the gallery and at shows. The site however, was not configured to allow more than one size or price per item and I am not that good with writing code, so I tabled the idea for "further study". Meaning I pretty much forgot about it.  Flash forward to now...             things have changed, the economy has floundered, many people now have less discretionary income and although they really love the images, they have been requesting them in smaller sizes. So, I have decided to make them available on a new blog.

A large part of this decision is because I realized that I still enjoy making and showing the small size photos. I started in photography years ago making 5" x 7" and 8" x 10" prints in the basement darkroom that my father had set up for himself years before. I guess some of that it is still with me.  No, I have not returned to the dimly lit, wet, smelly, old fashioned darkroom.  These are done in my new, bright, airy, and dry digital darkroom. But, I still think that there is something special about a small, jewel like, hand holdable print.  After spending the last few years making 24" x 36" prints the smaller size seems almost precious. And it is a real pleasure to see the enjoyment these smaller versions of my large prints bring to people who would be stretching the budget to buy a large framed size.  It is also a great way to keep the machinery up and running during this slow down in the economy.  Also helps me not to go nuts from inactivity. I really do need to be doing something. These are the pieces that are popular  in the gallery as add on sales or sales to folks who are on a limited budget ( like most of us today) yet I still think they rank right up there with my  successful larger size photos. And, being small does seem to add a certain whimsical charm to them.

So I have started a new blog and I will be posting pieces that are either smaller versions of my normal work or, in many cases, work which I feel looks best in the smaller, more intimate size.    

The blog is called Small Prints Small Prices which is at least easy to remember. There is a link on the sidebar of this blog, so it is easy to get to.
Oh, I almost forgot, ( heh, heh ) these smaller prints make great Christmas, birthday, and special occasion gifts.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A Return To Amish Area

--- Fantastic Fall ---

I have finally gotten enough time to start
processing the images taken over the last 6 weeks.
Fall is one of my busiest times of the year.
Usually a large exhibit, several shows, and always
the travel. On the road 4 weeks out of six,
with stops at home just
long enough to sleep in a good bed and get clean clothes.

So, now that the leaves are down....I need to get to work.
Sorting and processing several thousand images.
I sort of wish that I was back out there:
with camera in hand, the smell of fall leaves, crisp air...

This is the time of the reasoned response,
rather then the reaction response from the field.
When I am out in the field: I respond to the sights,
sounds, smells, direction of light, air temp,
number of other people around,
and probably a lot of things of which I am unaware.
This reaction response is expressed in terms of F/stops,
color balance, filters, and shutter speeds.
The object is to capture, as faithfully as possible,
the stimuli to which I am responding
and my mental & emotional response to it.

Is this a WOW! subject? What should it look like?
How can I say wow in a 2 dimensional image?
How do I get the wind into the photo?

Is this a "what is this doing here"?
What could I say about this?
Just how incongruous is it?
How far out of context? What does it mean to me?

Is this a "boy, is that giving a mixed message"?
How can I emphasize it?
What part of the message do I want to strengthen?

It may be some as simple as, "that's neat".
What is the best treatment for this?
A soft simple statement?
A bold treatment with lots of punch?

This is initial field response is
Step 1 of my photographic process.

Now, begins Step 2.
Sit down in front of my Mac,
take a deep breath,

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Road Trip Re-visited

--- Beyond The Bench ---

One more from the road trip a friend and I
took in late October.

Here, the composition of the walking trails
with the position of the benches was
the key to getting the feeling I was after.

Of course, everything needed to be in three's
and the design of the green space
had to be just right.