Thursday, July 30, 2009

Sometimes You Get Lucky


Another from the road trip.
Driving along St Rt 224 in Ohio we looked over
just in time to see this reminder of days gone by.
Pulling the car over, jumping out, and attacking
this old bridge support with two cameras and a
variety of lenses, the two of us saved a record
of a long ago time.

I wonder what train or road went over this support.
Who used it, what were their hopes and dreams?
Did they cross this with their families?
Did the children like to play on this structure
when it was not in use and what games did they invent?

Of course, we cannot see into the past or the future.
All we have is the present moment
so let's fill it with love and peace.

Monday, July 27, 2009

More From The Photo Trip

--- RED, WHITE & BLEW ---



Charles has been asking what happened to my photos
from our photo field trip.
So I thought that I would add a few:
Red, White & Blew
Bungi Birdhouse
Roost In Peace

All are from the trip along St Rt 224
in north eastern Ohio.


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Winsome Walnut

A photo trip with my friend Charles yesterday.
Up to north-eastern Ohio.
In search of "The Old Mill Stream", inspiration for
the song by Tell Taylor from years ago.
The OMS is in reality the Blanchard River which
seems to flood out the town of Findlay every year.

The area governments have built up park areas
along the length of the river with many scenic
areas open to the public.
This photo comes from the
Litzenberg Memorial Woods, right off St Rt 224.

It was nice to get out with a friend for a day.
And this makes a good day trip.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Long Straight Road

On a field trip to the "Land Of Tall Churches"
I ran across this road scene.
It reminds me of growing up in a flat, rural
area of Ohio.
When I learned to drive it was on roads like these.
Long, flat, straight, and with almost no traffic.
Only those who lived on these roads were there.
At night, you could see for miles and miles.
On a clear night I could sometimes see the lights
of Indiana in the distance.

Of course, with roads like these, the
temptation to drive a bit fast
( mostly over 100 mph)
was just too much to resist.
As I look down this road, I can see the
tire marks from the kids that are
still driving the way we once did.

Some things never change.
The need for speed is ageless.

Some things do change.
My web site for one. I have just finished
up dating it with some new photos
and adding descriptions for all the art.
Check it out if you have a minute:
Don't forget to sign up for my news letter
while you are there.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Storm Over Mt Logan

Driving through the rain yesterday,
on the way to Hocking Hills.
I looked to my left and found the front
part of the storm was right over Mt Logan.

So, the search began for a foreground object.
It needed to have some color since the
storm clouds were mostly dark/ black.
It needed to relate to the over all scene.
Meaning that it should be natural
rather than man made.
And most importantly, it needed to have
a place to park the car since Rt. 180
is a small 2 lane road with no pull-offs to speak of.
I also needed to find it fast since the
storm front light was always changing.

Ah, there it is....the perfect fore ground.
Flowers in bright colors, close to the
road, only about 75 yards into that field.
A cattle guard, pull-off.

Plastic bag over the Canon...
Gore-Tex over me...
the tripod can fend for its self.
Run through the rain...
28mm lens at F/11...
low placement....
1/4 th sec..
Got it !