Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Spring At The Ogle Cabin

Although you may not realize it,
the most expensive part of photography
is going on location.
I would love to be able  create a photo like this in 
my backyard. But no, I spend 12 hours driving 
to and from the location just to get this photo.

Leaving Sunday afternoon, driving 6 hours.
a motel room for the night,
work all day Monday for this and other photos,
A motel room for Monday night,
a 6 hour drive back home today.

After all that, I had better come back with good photos.
People think that the cameras are expensive.
In the "old days"  they thought film and processing
were expensive.

Let me tell you. It does not take very many 
trips to and from a location to add up 
to the cost of your camera.

There is an old photo expression,
"F/8 and be there".
Well, the F/8 is the easy part.
The "being there" is the hard part.
The time and $$ part.

If you are just starting in this field,
my advice is:
 always take the time to do it right the first time.


There are some projects that are worth
whatever it takes to get the photo
that is in my mind.

This was one of those.....
I had this photo in mind for a month
before I had the opportunity to create it.
I knew that the trees around the cabin would
bloom a wonderful white.
I also knew that they would turn green
very soon after the white bloom.
There was a very limited window of 
opportunity to "Be There".
So, multiple trips over several weeks
were necessary.
The weather was a factor, it needed to be
a high overcast day. 
Bright sun  would have killed the delicate
high values of the leaves.
A dark overcast would not have had
the sparkle that I felt the scene
just had to have.
Sometimes, it is all worth while.
I am just glad that I got the right 
combination of bloom & weather this year.
Many of my works have taken years to accomplish.

1 comment:

Charles said...


Nice photograph.
It looks like at any moment an old man with a banjo could walk out onto the porch.
Traveling around the country side does take a lot of time.
Pre-production planning is what we use to call it in California.
Nowdays i call it waiting for the moment.