Friday, January 30, 2009

Never Give Up

"Never Give Up!"
A quote from WW II.
I do not think this tree ever heard it.
But it simply refuses to give up its' leaves.
This was taken on Jan 10th.
You would think the silly tree 
would have gotten the memo:
It is winter, get rid of the leaves.

There is maybe something we can learn.

Keep doing your art.
You may starve.
You may not be able to afford the home 
that you want.
Your partner may complain about the money
or lack thereof.
Keep doing your art.

You will be tempted to "sell out",
to paint something that you know will sell.
Or, if you are a photographer,
to do the wedding or the family group.
After all, you tell yourself,
that's where the money is.
Keep doing your art.

You will be tempted to get involved in
clubs or groups where they have "competitions"
which will lead you to scale the 
mountains of mediocrity.
Stop listening to what others think.
Keep doing your art.

You will be tempted to photograph or paint
what has worked for others.
After all, it worked for them.
Do your own thing.
Keep doing your art.

You will be  tempted to just give up.
You will feel frustrated, depressed, and unappreciated.
You will send out hundreds of "packets"
and you will receive hundreds of rejection letters.
Keep doing your art.

You will read about the many artists who did not
"make it" until they were dead.
Keep doing your art.

People will give you the ultimate complement:
if you are a photographer,
"wow! that looks just like a painting"
if you are a painter,
"wow! that looks just like a photo"
Keep doing your art.

You see, art is what you do for you.
Not for others.
It is what you do to keep in touch with your humanity.
Keep doing your art.
It is good for your soul.


Recycle The Wreath

Our Christmas wreath has found a new way
to be decorative. 
Tossed out the back door until spring.
When it becomes an addition to the compost.
I discovered it today after a day of shooting.
Partially covered with snow it looks 
almost as good as it did hanging
on the door when it was new.


Thursday, January 22, 2009

Winter Water

It has been a while since my last post.
Life happens.
Trips to take, prints to make and send,
classes to plan, know, life.

It would be really great if all I had to do
was take photos and post them for you all to enjoy.
However this is a business and I have a cat to feed.
So, I must attend to the business of photography.
It is nice that I am selling enough work to
buy cat food.  She gets unhappy if she is not fed.

Todays photo is called "Winter Water".
Taken on a walk in the area.
I find it interesting just how much color
is available even in the dead of winter.
Oh, and yes, the water really is green.