Monday, December 21, 2009

Holiday Greetings

--- Hillside Frosting ---

Happy Holidays To You All !

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Cove Fire

 --- COVE  FIRE ---

Another in the  "Destruction For Creation" series.
This, with the fire about a third of the way along its path.
It is still in front of me at this point.
Fortunately, the wind is coming from behind and to the right
of me. At about the 8:00 o'clock position and the heat is not too great.
A very wide view would show that the entire left side
is in flame. the only way out is either straight back or to the right.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Destroy To Make New

--- Cades Cove Blaze ---

"Every act of creation is first an act of destruction." 
                Pablo Picasso

The park service has decided to allow the grasses in Cades Cove to revert
to the original grass that covered this area many years ago.
So, they are burning off the "modern" grasses.
So, when this long strip was set ablaze, we made it a point to be on hand.
I was allowed fairly close to the fire.
Close enough to really feel the heat from the blaze.

It was an absolutely unforgettable experience. We were
privileged to be a part of it.
I will be posting more photos from this as I get them processed.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

New Site

---Fall Smoke---

Last year, I set up my main website with prices and a shopping cart  to sell some work that was either in a current show or in the inventory of my gallery.
It was mentioned to me quite a few times that I should sell some of the smaller, less expensive photos on the site just like we do in the gallery and at shows. The site however, was not configured to allow more than one size or price per item and I am not that good with writing code, so I tabled the idea for "further study". Meaning I pretty much forgot about it.  Flash forward to now...             things have changed, the economy has floundered, many people now have less discretionary income and although they really love the images, they have been requesting them in smaller sizes. So, I have decided to make them available on a new blog.

A large part of this decision is because I realized that I still enjoy making and showing the small size photos. I started in photography years ago making 5" x 7" and 8" x 10" prints in the basement darkroom that my father had set up for himself years before. I guess some of that it is still with me.  No, I have not returned to the dimly lit, wet, smelly, old fashioned darkroom.  These are done in my new, bright, airy, and dry digital darkroom. But, I still think that there is something special about a small, jewel like, hand holdable print.  After spending the last few years making 24" x 36" prints the smaller size seems almost precious. And it is a real pleasure to see the enjoyment these smaller versions of my large prints bring to people who would be stretching the budget to buy a large framed size.  It is also a great way to keep the machinery up and running during this slow down in the economy.  Also helps me not to go nuts from inactivity. I really do need to be doing something. These are the pieces that are popular  in the gallery as add on sales or sales to folks who are on a limited budget ( like most of us today) yet I still think they rank right up there with my  successful larger size photos. And, being small does seem to add a certain whimsical charm to them.

So I have started a new blog and I will be posting pieces that are either smaller versions of my normal work or, in many cases, work which I feel looks best in the smaller, more intimate size.    

The blog is called Small Prints Small Prices which is at least easy to remember. There is a link on the sidebar of this blog, so it is easy to get to.
Oh, I almost forgot, ( heh, heh ) these smaller prints make great Christmas, birthday, and special occasion gifts.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A Return To Amish Area

--- Fantastic Fall ---

I have finally gotten enough time to start
processing the images taken over the last 6 weeks.
Fall is one of my busiest times of the year.
Usually a large exhibit, several shows, and always
the travel. On the road 4 weeks out of six,
with stops at home just
long enough to sleep in a good bed and get clean clothes.

So, now that the leaves are down....I need to get to work.
Sorting and processing several thousand images.
I sort of wish that I was back out there:
with camera in hand, the smell of fall leaves, crisp air...

This is the time of the reasoned response,
rather then the reaction response from the field.
When I am out in the field: I respond to the sights,
sounds, smells, direction of light, air temp,
number of other people around,
and probably a lot of things of which I am unaware.
This reaction response is expressed in terms of F/stops,
color balance, filters, and shutter speeds.
The object is to capture, as faithfully as possible,
the stimuli to which I am responding
and my mental & emotional response to it.

Is this a WOW! subject? What should it look like?
How can I say wow in a 2 dimensional image?
How do I get the wind into the photo?

Is this a "what is this doing here"?
What could I say about this?
Just how incongruous is it?
How far out of context? What does it mean to me?

Is this a "boy, is that giving a mixed message"?
How can I emphasize it?
What part of the message do I want to strengthen?

It may be some as simple as, "that's neat".
What is the best treatment for this?
A soft simple statement?
A bold treatment with lots of punch?

This is initial field response is
Step 1 of my photographic process.

Now, begins Step 2.
Sit down in front of my Mac,
take a deep breath,

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Road Trip Re-visited

--- Beyond The Bench ---

One more from the road trip a friend and I
took in late October.

Here, the composition of the walking trails
with the position of the benches was
the key to getting the feeling I was after.

Of course, everything needed to be in three's
and the design of the green space
had to be just right.


Saturday, October 31, 2009

T.O.M.C.A.T. Repair

-- T.O.M.C.A.T. REPAIR --

OK, I just had to show you this one.
Found on the way to Amish Area.
The Name is the photo.
I know, no one will ever buy it.
I won't even show it, except here.
But, I just could not pass it up.
(Tired Old Motorcycle Car And Truck)


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Fall Trip To Lima

-- Caution Curves Ahead --

A field trip with a friend.
Good weather, good light, and good company.
It is hard to beat an afternoon like that.


Road Trip

--- Over The Top ----

A road trip with a friend resulted in this image.
I had seen this in the spring when I did
the Tall Churches trip but it was not the right
time. The fall color is what was needed.


Sunday, October 25, 2009

Pumpkin Show

Last week while I was out photoing with a friend,
Pat (my wife) went to the Pumpkin Show
At Circleville, Ohio.
This is the 103rd year for the Show
and the winner (first photo) is the largest ever
and within 90 lbs of a world record at 1636 lbs,
that will be a hugh pumpkin pie....heh.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Photo Of The Day


Monday, October 12, 2009

First Of Fall

Over & Under

Some of the first of the fall color.
It has been a bit slower to arrive here in mid- Ohio.
But, now is the time for me to start going out every day.

Like many other photographers, this is my favorite
season. The crisp air, the great light, the color.
All the things that make for a great photographic experience.

I will be sharing more with you later.
Now, back to work.

Don't forget to sign up for the Newsletter.
It lets you keep up with things here in the studio.

Thursday, October 8, 2009


“Suns Glow”

Ah, the cool nights with warm days.

Fall is almost here.

My Show hangs tomorrow and I am ready today. For me that is a big deal since I am almost always running right up to the last minute with little things to do. So, if you are in the neighborhood, stop in to the Carriage Hill Metro Park Gallery and enjoy the show…Oct 1st thru Nov 31st.

I am pleased to announce that this blog has been accepted for inclusion in the photography section at Alltop, the “magazine stand of the web”. Looking over their listings you will find the likes of Scott Kelby, John Paul Caponigro, Rick Sammon, and the blog of the Ansel Adams Gallery, so I am in very good company. A great big thank you to all of you for visiting and reading my blog.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Working Hard

--- All Rolled Up ---

Sometimes I feel like this looks.
All wrapped up in my projects with no escape key.

Busy preparing for a show at:
Carriage Hill Metro Park Gallery,
Dayton, Ohio
The show runs from Oct 1st to Nov 30th.
If you are in the area please stop in and
be sure to sign the guest book.

Also getting ready for vacation.
We take about 6 weeks in the fall just to
photograph in the mountains.
All up and down the Appalachian Range.
A great time to be in the Blue Ridge,
the Shenandoah Valley, and the
Great Smoky Mountains.

That is not even to mention the great areas
like Hocking Hills in Ohio and the
Cumberland Falls area of Kentucky.

Fall really is my busy time of year.
So, watch for the changes which will
be showing up: new photos,
very likely a new blog

or at least some new features in the blog.

Remember to sign up for my newsletter.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Welcome ??

In all the times that I have gone down to Hocking Hills
I have always felt welcome.
Except the time that we got shot at, which is
another story for another time.
But, mostly we have felt welcome.

It appears however, that not everyone is as welcome.
Some folks have had enough of .........

Since my neighborhood is one that seems to
attract the salesmen and the religious nuts,
I really understand this sign.

Maybe I should make one for the front door.
heh heh heh

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Fall Is Almost Here

--- Window Glow ---

August is almost over.
A few of the trees are starting to turn color.
The lows at night are down in the 50's.

You can just feel fall in the air.
My favorite time to photograph.

Years ago,when I made my living
photographing in Black & White,
I really enjoyed Summer and WInter.
Summer is great with the variations of green
that show up as subtle shades of tone.
Of course, Winter with the stark branches
against the sky or the sun and shadow on new snow.

But, in color, Summer seems a bit tame.
I think you could call it a bit monochrome.
But, Autumn, with the cool and crisp
air, the blase of color, and t he crunch of
leaves underfoot.
Well, it just makes one reach for their camera.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Moonlight Mystery

--- Moonlight Mystery ---

What happens in the light of the moon?
Only the Shadow Knows.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

St Rt 224 Ohio

-- Lace Work Lane --

This bridge, in Gilboa, Ohio,
has not been in use for years.
Blocked off from vehicle traffic,
overtaken by flowers, it is now more
photo worthy than when it was new.

It is more difficult to find good subjects
on well traveled roads
or in tourist spots particularly
if what you want is something
different. All of the easy ones have been done.
You really need to look.

Case in point:
While we were working the Area
in and around Gilboa, a lady pulls up
and gets out with her camera.
She tells us that she is
doing the same thing that we are
and we tell her"welcome".
She takes one or two photos,
gets back into her car and leaves.
She really was not doing
the same thing that we were.
She took the easy shot, we worked at it.

Nothing good comes for free,
you need to work at it.
Find a different view, change lenses,
use diffusion,
change the white balance,
move the zoom while
using a long exposure time,
or kick the tripod
while the shutter is open.
Pretend that you are a cat..
what would you
see from that viewpoint?

if it was easy, anyone would do it.
And they probably have.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Sometimes You Get Lucky


Another from the road trip.
Driving along St Rt 224 in Ohio we looked over
just in time to see this reminder of days gone by.
Pulling the car over, jumping out, and attacking
this old bridge support with two cameras and a
variety of lenses, the two of us saved a record
of a long ago time.

I wonder what train or road went over this support.
Who used it, what were their hopes and dreams?
Did they cross this with their families?
Did the children like to play on this structure
when it was not in use and what games did they invent?

Of course, we cannot see into the past or the future.
All we have is the present moment
so let's fill it with love and peace.

Monday, July 27, 2009

More From The Photo Trip

--- RED, WHITE & BLEW ---



Charles has been asking what happened to my photos
from our photo field trip.
So I thought that I would add a few:
Red, White & Blew
Bungi Birdhouse
Roost In Peace

All are from the trip along St Rt 224
in north eastern Ohio.


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Winsome Walnut

A photo trip with my friend Charles yesterday.
Up to north-eastern Ohio.
In search of "The Old Mill Stream", inspiration for
the song by Tell Taylor from years ago.
The OMS is in reality the Blanchard River which
seems to flood out the town of Findlay every year.

The area governments have built up park areas
along the length of the river with many scenic
areas open to the public.
This photo comes from the
Litzenberg Memorial Woods, right off St Rt 224.

It was nice to get out with a friend for a day.
And this makes a good day trip.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Long Straight Road

On a field trip to the "Land Of Tall Churches"
I ran across this road scene.
It reminds me of growing up in a flat, rural
area of Ohio.
When I learned to drive it was on roads like these.
Long, flat, straight, and with almost no traffic.
Only those who lived on these roads were there.
At night, you could see for miles and miles.
On a clear night I could sometimes see the lights
of Indiana in the distance.

Of course, with roads like these, the
temptation to drive a bit fast
( mostly over 100 mph)
was just too much to resist.
As I look down this road, I can see the
tire marks from the kids that are
still driving the way we once did.

Some things never change.
The need for speed is ageless.

Some things do change.
My web site for one. I have just finished
up dating it with some new photos
and adding descriptions for all the art.
Check it out if you have a minute:
Don't forget to sign up for my news letter
while you are there.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Storm Over Mt Logan

Driving through the rain yesterday,
on the way to Hocking Hills.
I looked to my left and found the front
part of the storm was right over Mt Logan.

So, the search began for a foreground object.
It needed to have some color since the
storm clouds were mostly dark/ black.
It needed to relate to the over all scene.
Meaning that it should be natural
rather than man made.
And most importantly, it needed to have
a place to park the car since Rt. 180
is a small 2 lane road with no pull-offs to speak of.
I also needed to find it fast since the
storm front light was always changing.

Ah, there it is....the perfect fore ground.
Flowers in bright colors, close to the
road, only about 75 yards into that field.
A cattle guard, pull-off.

Plastic bag over the Canon...
Gore-Tex over me...
the tripod can fend for its self.
Run through the rain...
28mm lens at F/11...
low placement....
1/4 th sec..
Got it !

Friday, June 26, 2009

Barn Wall

What a busy month!
The show at Springfield Museum has been taken down.
I count it a success. Lots of great comments.
Thanks to all of you who took the time to come to see it.
I wish that I could meet you all personally.
My next scheduled show is Oct & Nov
at the Gallery at Carriage Hill Metro Park.

That gives me time to work on other projects
and to catch up on printing & shipping orders.


Thursday, June 18, 2009

Chapel Ridge Church-Revisited

The weather person said that yesterday
was to be rain/ thunderstorms.
So of course, I had to go out with my camera.

For the entire 90 min drive I was watching
the sky become more & more ominous.

It seemed to peak just as I reached this
church-on-the-hill and set up the camera.

Unfortunately, the sky soon began
to clear and the day became
bright and sunny.
Which brought out the tourists and
raised the brightness range to a
point of no photos.

Ah well, it was a good day for a
little while.