Saturday, October 25, 2008

Amish #4

In Amish country it seems that the 
land, or the farmers, configures into
a photograph.

Just standing in one spot and turning round
would give you several of these scenes.

This is just one of several we came upon
while in the area.
The hard part is deciding which to work with.

This, outside of Mt Hope,  is one of the best ones.

Canon      50mm       image direct from the camera

Friday, October 24, 2008

Ohio Amish #3

Things are done in the traditional way,
over in Amish country.
Milk cans still rest on back porches.
Wood is still milled into pallets 
and stacked in the light of the setting sun.

Children still play on old fashion swings.
At Amish schools, hidden from casual view.
And in the evening, many still walk home
after a long day at work.

Canon   50mm & 85mm     images taken direct from camera

Ohio Amish #2

Horses are a large part of Amish life.
They do not use cars so everything revolves
around the horse and buggy or cart.

You can tell the newbies to the area,
they are the ones sitting in their cars,
behind a buggy...going 20mph....
with smoke rolling out of their ears,
just waiting for a time to pass.

We went up to visit a "hardware" store,
named Lehmans, although calling this place a
mere hardware store is not at all accurate.
They have everything !!  Everything, that is, for
people who live without electric power.
And who arrive at the store in a buggy.

As some of you may remember, we just went
through an extended period with no power.
Seemed like a good idea to get prepared
for the next big wind. And there is no place
better to find everything you need to live
in comfort without the electric.

We are READY!   Now watch, it will never 
happen again.  But, if it does...we are ready!

All photos:  Canon    28mm,  50mm &  85mm     images direct from camera

Amish Area, Ohio

A road trip yesterday to the Amish Areas of Ohio.
They have a sense of being part of the land
 that we could do well to copy.

Their religion tells them that God has keep them
together as a people in spite of much secular effort
to destroy them as a group.

They do not use modern things like electric power.
And they get along very nicely.   Thank you anyway.

These are some of the images. More to follow.

All with:   Canon    50mm & 85mm  lenses   images direct from camera

Friday, October 17, 2008

The "Anti-Photography League"

Sand stone cave....
Used in the past :
by outlaws, horse thieves, murderers,
And prior to that; by healers & medicine workers.

Today; a tourist destination...
lots of people...a ton of screaming children...
and members of the:

"Anti-photography League"
This ad hoc group of folks join together
with the express purpose of preventing
the making of photographs.....
They do this by inserting themselves into
every peaceful, undisturbed, scene...
just at the time when the conditions
 are perfect for a photograph.
 It would seem that there is a very
active chapter in southern Ohio
because we had a real problem with them yesterday.
They were everywhere....sort of like insects.

Ah Well, patience will out...
here is one of the results.
More will follow.

I believe this obnoxious group was first discovered and
documented in France by Louis J. M. Daguerre in the 1830's.
Commented on by Matthew Brady as he & his photographers photographed 
the American Civil War.  (now there is an oxymoron, a "civil war" ) 
More recent comments come from William H. Jackson and Thomas Moran
a photographer and painter respectively  in the late 1800's.
Current references include the late Barry Thornton who rediscovered
and commented upon  the still active UK branch of this group.

We, of course, ran afoul of the very obnoxious southern Ohio, USA chapter.
They believe,  that a good photographer has the ability
to "see into the soul" of a place and therefore a good photograph captures,
or as they contend, steals the soul of the area photographed.
and: "We ain't gonna have none of you photo folks 
stealin the soul from our rocks", so we are going to get right in your way.

Canon      85mm     F/16     90sec exp

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Walk On In-Sit Right Down

Two benches--no waiting.
Take your place here...
spend some time...
find yourself....

Canon      135mm      F/11

Woods Ablaze

Time spent in nature may be some
of our most productive time.
Almost a meditation..
Relaxed, open to seeing and feeling...
A time of communion and community
with something greater than ourselves.

Not religious (no, no, no & no) nothing
organized or devised by man...
 (believe me I am NOT religious! )
A pure connection with a greater organization.
Spiritual...yes, I would think so....

Canon      85mm      F/11
Woods Ablaze

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Beauty In Aging

Does a leaf or a pine branch
think that it is more beautiful
in the coat of green?
Does it dread the coming of
old age?
The "change of season"
that makes it "different"...
not as it was before...
does it feel, somehow less
than when it was young
(last spring) and in its prime.

We see it as even more beautiful.
Is there something here that
w all could learn from?

Canon    100mm Macro     F/11

One For The "Old Guy"

"Just because"....."I had to do it"...
Sometimes things are better in B and W.
Not always, but sometimes.

Two views, two ideas
which is right?  Both.

You are the artist, you choose.

Both:   Canon     28mm       F/ 11
B and W done as monochrome capture in camera

Day In The Park

This is the part of fall that I love.
The contrast of colors,
The warmth of the light,
The park ablaze with soft,
rich tones and textures.

A wonderland that could 
not have been imagined
just a few short months ago.

Canon     50mm     F/ 11

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Autumn In Ohio

Our fall, in this part of Ohio,
does not last long.
Three weeks if we are lucky.
More often the rains come
and with them high winds.
Good-by fall color.

So, while it lasts I will take it 
and post it for you  to enjoy.
I have the most fun
 since I get to be out in it.

First print: Canon with a Mamiya 645 Soft Focus lens wide open.
Second print: Canon  28mm  F/16

Monday, October 13, 2008

So I had To Do One

OK, so I could not do all color.
Sometimes you just have to 
go with the habit.
Besides, there is not a lot of color
in the tree anyway.

Canon     50mm    F/11     Shot in B&W 

Red Reflections

Don't you just love it 
when the clouds move 
the light around?
A small spot of light
right on the red tree.

Canon    50mm     F/11

Sit Right Down

Pat found this one while we were out walking.
"Here honey, Look at this!"

Canon   28mm    F/11


The leaves are here and with them
the wonderful color and texture.
Warm days, cool nights.
Low light, great for photos.
Spent the afternoon filling up a 2 gig card,
so there more to follow.

Canon   100mm Macro   F/11

Monday, October 6, 2008

Path @ Chapel Ridge

Across from the church...
This path to nowhere....
A relic of long ago...
Once led to the chapel ?
A place of horse drawn wagons...
Carriages and sleighs...
Gone now except in memory...
The memory of the trees.

Canon Digital       85mm @ F/8     Original In Color

Under The Bridge

The bridge above....
This out of sight....
Passed over by all....
Except the tired photographer...
Who stops to rest in a place of beauty.

Canon  Digital   50mm  @ F/4    Straight Print

Ash Cave

A hidden place .....
Hidden colors...
A cave that thousands 
pass without seeing.
On the way to something else.

Canon Digital     Straight Print      50mm @ F/11

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Sepia Church

A sepia version of the Chapel Ridge photo.
I prefer the "straight" B&W version.
What do you think?

Heart of Stone

Carved by someone long ago?
Carved by nature herself?
Or just a fluke,
discovered by a tired photographer.
We shall never know.
Just enjoy.

Ash Cave Detail     Canon    28mm