Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Class Night

Ahh,  the 4th class in the series of six.
Landscape 101.......after how to use the camera,
comes  "How To See 101".....

This, in the front yard of the museum......
just waiting, unseen,  for discovery and recognition.

Within 3 feet of students, busy setting up gear,
too busy to look down, too busy to see.

Much to often we are all like that....... 
too busy with our own pursuits to look,
or even to realize where we are and what surrounds us.

I, at least need to spend more time in "now" ....
and less time in future plans and past "stuff".
More time spent seeing......less time searching...
for that which is right

Monday, July 21, 2008

Dual Falls

After all the rain we have had around here 
I thought it would be a good time to look at some of the waterfalls.
This is a little known falls,
just off the road that I take to pick up our Sunday pizza.

Fortunately the pizza takes 30 minutes 
so it wasn't cold after my photo stop.

Well worth the time taken 
wouldn't you say?

I have just printed it for my upcoming show 
and wanted to share it with you.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Landscape Photography

Last week was the first class in Landscape Photography that I am teaching.
Everyone showed up with a digital camera.
Which is fine but it makes me wonder if anyone uses film anymore.
(I know, many of you still use film.....)

I'll bet that if A.A. were still around he would have a digital.
Just think, if he had had a digital in those days he could have taken more than
one frame of "Moonrise"....and it would have been much easier to print.

I have been working on getting my new digital dark/light room established.
Which is more work than I thought it would be.
For the moment I am keeping my enlargers and sink......just in case.
So the printers and associated ink, paper, etc need to be in a different room.
With my limited space this creates a serious problem.
The remainder of the workflow: mounting, matting, and framing can and do 
use the same space that I have always used for them.
 A 20 x 24 is a 20 x 24 after all no matter how it was printed.

All this work needs to be finished ASAP since I need to start printing for 
the show in Sept and Oct......That is only 6 weeks away.
Really, I also need to get out and work. Pick up the camera and do something.
My idea is to have the entire show be a product of digital.
Both the capture and the printing.
A way of introducing my new work to the public.

One of my concerns when I was thinking about moving from film to digital:
Would my clients and collectors be OK with the move.
It worked out that no one cares very much as long as I am using archival inks and paper.
It would seem that, for my cliental at least,
the image is more important than how it is made.
Which I think is great!!

Friday, July 4, 2008

Summer Sun

" Spring has sprung...
  Fall has  fell....
   Summer is here and it is hotter then hell"
Something my children used to say when they were younger.
In reality it is 62 degrees and raining.

Something comes over us in summer....
A different way of seeing....
Things are warm and bright, even if they aren't...
We become more optimistic, 
Aware of  bright future in spite of all evidence to the contrary.

Maybe it goes back to humanities origin in Africa.
Maybe we have a genetic disposition for light and warmth.
Maybe, as artists, we just need light to create.

In any event, here is some summer sun for you.
Happy 4th of July holiday!