Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Townsend Wye


Aside from roads and pathways, I have always been fascinated 
by the shapes and patterns made by flowing water.
Add to those patterns a bit of reflection and we get something beautiful.
This was taken near the Smoky Mountains at the Townsend Wye in Tennessee.
After sitting for a while, watching and photographing 
the patterns change with the movement of the sun,
 I felt that this was the most pleasing arrangement of the day.


Roberta said...

Gorgeous water abstract. The colors are my favorites!

steve said...

Thanks Roberta, my favorites also. It only takes a few seconds of looking at the large print of this for me to start feeling peaceful and relaxed.

Kala said...

Lovely abstract image.

steve said...

Thank you, Kala. I am glad that you like it.