Sunday, June 6, 2010

Early Morning Light

---Spring On Sparks Lane---

Early one morning last week. We were out on Sparks Lane.
No traffic, beautiful light, still a hint of the fog that had been there.
A classic pathway photo.  
I have always been fascinated with roads, lanes, and pathways.
They seem, to me, to be a metaphor for life.
The road ahead...beckoning, calling us to explore.......
What, I wonder, is at the end of our road.


Roberta said...

I like paths, trails, and quiet country roads as well. I like the light and softness of this image.

steve said...

Great minds think alike. I think that the country road posted on your site is very nice.
Must be something in the air this week.

Charles said...

If we knew what was at the end of our road would we want to arrive on time?

steve said...

I guess it would depend on what was there.