Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Urban Artifact


I am told that this was once a good supper club.
After the fire this is about all that was left of the place.
The story goes: that the city was in here while the place was still smoking
to bulldoze the remnants and haul it all away.
A town that would rather see a grass filled park (or lot)
than a burned out building is OK in my book.
Ah, civic pride. There is a lot to be said for that.  A good thing to have.


Uncommon Depth said...

Really enjoy this - the colors, the textures, the lines, the grit. All add up to a fantastic abstract like image.

steve said...

Thanks Roberta,
I think that I see cityscapes differently than I see natural landscapes. I have been trying to break away from the "landscape photographer" label. The work goes on. I am really glad that you enjoy this. Thank you.