Saturday, May 8, 2010

Not A Landscape


A sure sign of spring is the presence of traffic cones and yellow barricades.
These are not on the job yet but they are ready to start.

It is interesting that artists get typecast as a ..............  you fill in the blank.
For me, it started as: "Oh Yah, you're the Black and White guy"  
"sure looks good....reminds me of Ansel Adams"...........
then, of course, I started doing color:  "what's that??"    "where is the good stuff?"
I lost a few collectors when I stopped doing all Black and White.
But, I gained a few..because, (wait for it),   I was working in color.   
Income went down for a while, then came back up and went higher.
It all worked out.
Now, I am working with subject matter OTHER than the landscape.
Here we go again......
We shall see what the future brings.
Wish me luck!

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