Saturday, January 23, 2010

New Year

---Frosted Forest---

So, it's a new year and I'm not even going to try to look at my 2009 goals to see how I did. It would be pointless since all that went up in smoke with illness and personal situations which required a great amount of my time and energy. Nothing would be served by my  beating myself up about what did not happen this year!  (although, I know I will be doing it anyway, at least inside, workaholics do that sort of thing)
So, just to make myself feel better, I made a list of those things that I did get done:
*  Two major photo trips covering 7 States
*  Three one person shows, each with 20 + images (all new images)
*   Managed to spend some time house hunting in Tennessee (not  moving yet, just looking)
*   Had my work used as a cover page by the US GAO  
*   Sold 20% more work than last year (but had to work much harder to do it) (darn economy)
 There were a lot of things that I did not get done. Mostly due to the above personal situations, but, all things considered, it turned out good enough. I am just happy to be able to do what I love for a living. When you can do that it is not work.


Uncommon Depth said...

I have enjoyed visiting your blog and website. Nice work! And here's to hoping 2010 is a better year all around, but especially health-wise.

steve said...

Thank you. I am working very hard on getting better.
A long haul but I think I am getting a handle on it.
Glad that you liked the work.