Friday, September 11, 2009

Welcome ??

In all the times that I have gone down to Hocking Hills
I have always felt welcome.
Except the time that we got shot at, which is
another story for another time.
But, mostly we have felt welcome.

It appears however, that not everyone is as welcome.
Some folks have had enough of .........

Since my neighborhood is one that seems to
attract the salesmen and the religious nuts,
I really understand this sign.

Maybe I should make one for the front door.
heh heh heh


Charles said...

Good observation.
If that sign was in my front yard...almost no one would show up at the house...except for old friends and the postal carrier.

steve said...

Feel free to make up a copy of this one.
I think that, to some degree, it expresses a universal feeling. In our neighborhood I really should put one out front.