Saturday, August 8, 2009

St Rt 224 Ohio

-- Lace Work Lane --

This bridge, in Gilboa, Ohio,
has not been in use for years.
Blocked off from vehicle traffic,
overtaken by flowers, it is now more
photo worthy than when it was new.

It is more difficult to find good subjects
on well traveled roads
or in tourist spots particularly
if what you want is something
different. All of the easy ones have been done.
You really need to look.

Case in point:
While we were working the Area
in and around Gilboa, a lady pulls up
and gets out with her camera.
She tells us that she is
doing the same thing that we are
and we tell her"welcome".
She takes one or two photos,
gets back into her car and leaves.
She really was not doing
the same thing that we were.
She took the easy shot, we worked at it.

Nothing good comes for free,
you need to work at it.
Find a different view, change lenses,
use diffusion,
change the white balance,
move the zoom while
using a long exposure time,
or kick the tripod
while the shutter is open.
Pretend that you are a cat..
what would you
see from that viewpoint?

if it was easy, anyone would do it.
And they probably have.

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