Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Fall Is Almost Here

--- Window Glow ---

August is almost over.
A few of the trees are starting to turn color.
The lows at night are down in the 50's.

You can just feel fall in the air.
My favorite time to photograph.

Years ago,when I made my living
photographing in Black & White,
I really enjoyed Summer and WInter.
Summer is great with the variations of green
that show up as subtle shades of tone.
Of course, Winter with the stark branches
against the sky or the sun and shadow on new snow.

But, in color, Summer seems a bit tame.
I think you could call it a bit monochrome.
But, Autumn, with the cool and crisp
air, the blase of color, and t he crunch of
leaves underfoot.
Well, it just makes one reach for their camera.

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