Thursday, July 2, 2009

Storm Over Mt Logan

Driving through the rain yesterday,
on the way to Hocking Hills.
I looked to my left and found the front
part of the storm was right over Mt Logan.

So, the search began for a foreground object.
It needed to have some color since the
storm clouds were mostly dark/ black.
It needed to relate to the over all scene.
Meaning that it should be natural
rather than man made.
And most importantly, it needed to have
a place to park the car since Rt. 180
is a small 2 lane road with no pull-offs to speak of.
I also needed to find it fast since the
storm front light was always changing.

Ah, there it is....the perfect fore ground.
Flowers in bright colors, close to the
road, only about 75 yards into that field.
A cattle guard, pull-off.

Plastic bag over the Canon...
Gore-Tex over me...
the tripod can fend for its self.
Run through the rain...
28mm lens at F/11...
low placement....
1/4 th sec..
Got it !

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