Thursday, July 30, 2009

Sometimes You Get Lucky


Another from the road trip.
Driving along St Rt 224 in Ohio we looked over
just in time to see this reminder of days gone by.
Pulling the car over, jumping out, and attacking
this old bridge support with two cameras and a
variety of lenses, the two of us saved a record
of a long ago time.

I wonder what train or road went over this support.
Who used it, what were their hopes and dreams?
Did they cross this with their families?
Did the children like to play on this structure
when it was not in use and what games did they invent?

Of course, we cannot see into the past or the future.
All we have is the present moment
so let's fill it with love and peace.


Charles said...

We were lucky to have the light just right that day on the road trip.
It was interesting to see your perspective of the road trip.
Two photographers - two perspectives

steve said...

Hi Charles,
Yep, The light was perfect. I would like to tell you that I plan it that way, but.....the weather person does not always get it right.
There should always be as many perspectives as there are photographers. Too many people just try to do the photos that they have seen someone else do. they have no view point of there own. Not to mention a lack of good manners.
I found the day refreshing,