Monday, June 15, 2009

Fallen Tree in Black and White

A photo from the "shoebox".
You know, that wonderful free storage bin that
we all used when we started out with film.

Some of us (me) still have that
shoe box full of negatives.
Now, it is not that I did not start a
proper filing system for the negs.
I started one and used it very well
over the years.....but,
the shoe box somehow evaded my
efforts. It has remained just as I
last saw it years ago.

So, with the new scanner just
sitting here waiting for me
and the shoe box making me at
least a slight bit guilty.
I went to work.

This was taken with the old Leica,
on Plus X film, developed in D-76.
Located in the Hocking Hills area.
Just downstream from Cedar Falls,
I once took students there and
watched as they didn't see this scene
until I pointed it out to them.

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steve said...

Your comment seems to be lost in limbo.
I did not do much in color negative except the commercial work that I did. most of the "good stuff" was in slides. And you saw how well that works out in the previous post.
Yes, the first thing I do is get any updates.