Thursday, May 7, 2009

Show Time

At last, the show is up and ready for everyone to 
come through and see it.
If you are in the area, it is at the 
Springfield Art Museum,
on Cliff Park Drive,
in Springfield, Ohio.

This one was different work than my previous shows.
All digital and all color as opposed to the normal
black and white from film.
My wet darkroom is gone, sold to the highest bidder
on e-bay.  I still have the 4x5 Omega enlarger if one of you 
would like to buy it.  But the rest is gone.....
I have not shot film in almost a year.
Most of those cameras have also gone
the way of e-bay. The 5 foot sink just left last week.
Thank the stars it is almost all gone.
I was beginning to think of the sink as a giant fish tank.
I know my cat would love that.....
" got me a buffet!"

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