Monday, February 23, 2009

Mountain Memories

A quieter time, more peaceful than the rush
of today.
A time of friends, family, and community.
A time of living in harmony with the rhythms 
of nature.
A time of being close to the God of your understanding.
A time that we all have and hold in our  hearts.
A time brought back to mind by our preserved history.


Anonymous said...


It is good to see you offer the prints for sale.
How does the "paypal" work with clients?


steve said...

When the client presses the button they are taken to the Paypal site which is a secure site. That way, I do not need to accept credit cards and hassle with that part of the sale.
Paypal tells me when I have a sale and I send out the print. I think that using Paypal gives the client a better experience than I could without that feature.