Friday, February 6, 2009

Frozen Fog

Back to teaching,
the classes at the museum started on Tuesday.
A beginning class this time.
All digital as usual.
They seem like a nice group of folks.
It is a pleasure to watch as they learn and grow.
They always start with amazement that it takes
so much knowledge to make a photograph.
Shutter speeds, F/ stops, Depth of Field, ......
all the essentials that they must learn.
"WOW, I did not know it took that much".

The camera companies want you to think that
anyone can take a great photo.
That sells cameras.
But you need to have a little knowledge.
No matter how good the programming in the camera
it still does not think for you.
There is no way that it can know what
 you are trying to do, show, or express.
OK, enough rant....

The photo: Frozen Fog
sometimes called Hoar Frost.
Along with a mild dusting of snow.
Lends a new look to the barn at the Ogle cabin.
Great Smoky Mountains National Park

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