Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Yellow Springs

The desire to take longer daily walk than usual
brought me to Yellow Springs.
A small town about 10 miles from home.
There are several local and state parks here.
Makes for good walking.

These are the Yellow Springs...
the town was named after them.
A large part iron in the water has formed the 
distinctive yellow color on the rocks.
Moss growing down the sides gives the green
and the blue water comes from the open sky reflection.
I had never seen it in just this way before.
It is normally in the shade, but since this is winter
and several trees were lost in the big wind storm
that we had here a few months ago...I received rare
treat. Perfect light falling on the springs.

I will have to walk here more often.
Who knows what else I may find.


Becky said...

Hi Steve;
Just happened to see your post from Nov 3rd, and the Thurmond Station. I have a calender print of the Thurmond Station on the wall above my train layout in the basement.
If you have time drop by and see my Blog- It's all train related.
Have a great day.

steve said...

Glad that you like the photo. I can see why you would be interested. That is quite the train set up you have.