Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Stream Detail #6 2008

Here I am on Dec 24th, still waiting for snow.
We have had the grey sky, the -16* wind chill,
the cold, wet rain.....all of the unpleasantness
that goes with winter but none of the beauty.

Ah Well, be careful what I wish for....

So, in between bouts of cold rain, I got out 
with the camera. I am not very comfortable taking 
the Canon 40D out into the rain after reading
 Dave Beckerman's comments about having
to dry out the camera after being out with it in the rain.
I guess I could always go back to the old
plastic bag with a hole cut in it for the lens.
If I "really" wanted to be out with a camera in the cold rain.

Winter without snow, the color becomes more muted,
more subtle, and the shape & form of things become 
more important.
Not quite B&W but getting close.
A few spots of color on the rocks. 
Left overs from the once brilliant fall color show,
now add just enough color to keep the image from 
being a real black and white.

I like the heart formed by the water
in this image. Maybe a reminder that:
Love is the reason for the season.

Happy Holidays to all !!


Anonymous said...

It is not a good thing to get water in the camera.
Have you checked out camera housings for the Canon?
Other than the large clear plastic zip lock bag I can not think of any frugal way to keep the camera dry.
In the old days we stayed out of the rain.
Have a peaceful New Year.
Good photograph.

steve said...

In the old days the cameras were almost bullet proof.
A bit of water did not phase them.
And we may have been a bit smarter. LOL