Thursday, November 20, 2008

Stream Leaves

By now, they are gone.
Taken down stream as if they
Never existed.

Beauty, for a fleeting moment in time.

If we are focused on the future,
Or on the things of the past.
We miss the "now" moment.
Which, after all,
 Is all we really have.


Anonymous said...

You found the answer to your August 11, 2008 question.
In 500 hundred years:
("and in 500 hundred years from now,
when we are all forgotten,
our hopes, our dreams ,
our plans, our schemes,
will also be forgotten,
so now we have to live our lives,
don't worry about the past,
for it has up and gone away,
and never shall return,
live for the moment,
live for today,
the future is not here,
live for the moment,
live for today,
because no one here,
is here to stay.")


steve said...

Yes, I guess I did.