Saturday, November 15, 2008

Fence Line In Fall

The drive through the cove is an 11 mile,
 one way, narrow road.

It is slow going, especially during tourist season.
Which, of course, is why we do not go there
"in season".
Not only are the visuals better both earlier & later.
The trip is smoother without the
"Bambi jams" and "Bear jams"
of peak season.
A "bambi or Bear jam" is created, usually in season,
when a bunch of otherwise reasonable folks,
seeing some wildlife 100 yards away in a field,
come to a dead stop, right in the center of the road,
instead of pulling off to the side to let others pass.

This backs up the already slow moving traffic
and brings everybody to a dead halt.
It is not like these folks have never seen a deer.
And it is not that there is no place to pull over.
The park service, in their wisdom, has
provided a lot of pull off spots.

What the park service could not regulate is 
the total lack of consideration on the part
of some of the visitors.

Anyway, this being a one way road,
we mostly forget to look back.
Now, a good photographer should have 
trained themselves to always:
Look For The Light!

Regardless of which way the road is going,
Where is the light?
Where do I look for:
Side light, Back light, Top light,
Reflections of light, and let us
not forget the ever popular:
boring front light.

So, as I drive, I am always looking for the light.
(is that metaphysical or photographic?)
and I saw this in the rearview mirror.
Pulled off the road!
Walked back and set up my tripod.

Canon     200mm   as taken

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