Friday, November 7, 2008

Aspen Reflections

Back, from a quick trip to the mountains.
With a few photos, of course.

We were told that the color and the weather
 was great, and it was.

Well worth the trip.
Even if the trip back was really long.
I know, the same distance each way,
but on the return it was after I had been
working 14 hour days.
Sun up to sun down.

Now I know why I carry several CF cards.

Canon   50mm   as taken


Anonymous said...


Beautiful photographs.
Last month I was out using a 512 mb
flash card.
Let me tell you when taking 12.1 mb
photos the card fills up in no time.
So I came back to town and got a
2 gb card at a local office supply store.
The 2 gb card takes awhile to fill.


steve said...


Thank you, I am glad that you like the photos.

I travel with 3, 4 gig San Disk IV cards.

Managed to fill 2 of them this trip.
That is called WORK!!