Friday, October 24, 2008

Ohio Amish #2

Horses are a large part of Amish life.
They do not use cars so everything revolves
around the horse and buggy or cart.

You can tell the newbies to the area,
they are the ones sitting in their cars,
behind a buggy...going 20mph....
with smoke rolling out of their ears,
just waiting for a time to pass.

We went up to visit a "hardware" store,
named Lehmans, although calling this place a
mere hardware store is not at all accurate.
They have everything !!  Everything, that is, for
people who live without electric power.
And who arrive at the store in a buggy.

As some of you may remember, we just went
through an extended period with no power.
Seemed like a good idea to get prepared
for the next big wind. And there is no place
better to find everything you need to live
in comfort without the electric.

We are READY!   Now watch, it will never 
happen again.  But, if it does...we are ready!

All photos:  Canon    28mm,  50mm &  85mm     images direct from camera

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