Friday, October 17, 2008

The "Anti-Photography League"

Sand stone cave....
Used in the past :
by outlaws, horse thieves, murderers,
And prior to that; by healers & medicine workers.

Today; a tourist destination...
lots of people...a ton of screaming children...
and members of the:

"Anti-photography League"
This ad hoc group of folks join together
with the express purpose of preventing
the making of photographs.....
They do this by inserting themselves into
every peaceful, undisturbed, scene...
just at the time when the conditions
 are perfect for a photograph.
 It would seem that there is a very
active chapter in southern Ohio
because we had a real problem with them yesterday.
They were everywhere....sort of like insects.

Ah Well, patience will out...
here is one of the results.
More will follow.

I believe this obnoxious group was first discovered and
documented in France by Louis J. M. Daguerre in the 1830's.
Commented on by Matthew Brady as he & his photographers photographed 
the American Civil War.  (now there is an oxymoron, a "civil war" ) 
More recent comments come from William H. Jackson and Thomas Moran
a photographer and painter respectively  in the late 1800's.
Current references include the late Barry Thornton who rediscovered
and commented upon  the still active UK branch of this group.

We, of course, ran afoul of the very obnoxious southern Ohio, USA chapter.
They believe,  that a good photographer has the ability
to "see into the soul" of a place and therefore a good photograph captures,
or as they contend, steals the soul of the area photographed.
and: "We ain't gonna have none of you photo folks 
stealin the soul from our rocks", so we are going to get right in your way.

Canon      85mm     F/16     90sec exp


Anonymous said...


I thought it was only a northern state problem but they have populated the southern part of the state.
Nothing much can be done about the problem.
It is like keeping ants away from the picnic.
Just this past week when I was taking photos of a sunset at the lake a carload of the "scene stealers" drove up the road and parked in front of me with the music blaring out some strange
pejorative chant about life.
I just smiled, shut down the camera and drove the truck back to the city.
Maybe I can start doing only documentary photographs,
that way they "(scene stealers)" will be part of the photo.


Delilah said...

I don't get their point, what is wrong with taking a picture of nature?
By the way very nice picture.

steve said...

Good idea, about doing "street" photography. At least the ants become the subject.

The point is some very inconsiderate folks who, when they see you set up to take a photo just step right into it. It is not that they do not want you to take a photo,it is just that they have no thought for anyone else. Think of yourself working plein- air and some nasty person deliberately standing between you and the scene blocking your view. By the way I love your abstract flowers..Wish I could that.