Monday, August 11, 2008

Onward & Upward

Growth, change, moving onward and upward;
those are the signs of a progressive society.

Small churches like this have been eclipsed by the megachurch.

Is growth always better?  Is bigger always better?

How about some growth and change that leads us
past the old mythology. Past the old ideas that 
have kept us killing each other for thousands of years.

Past the traditional labels of conservative and liberal......
Past the willingness to kill
 just because someone used the wrong "magic words".
Or, worse yet, used the right words in the wrong way.

Past the idea that if you are correct, 
that means that I must be wrong.
Past the "one way".......or the "my way is the only way"......
These ideas are part of the "old myth"....
that has done nothing but cause conflict for thousands of years.

Isn't it about time for us to grow and change....

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Anonymous said...

Church is in reality the congregation of people.
Too many zealots think church is the building.
They need to continue to give more and more money to the building fund so the "building" can continue to grow.
The point to it all is to share with others and help them in time of need.
Oh well, enough of my personal views.

"Good photograph"

take care,