Thursday, August 21, 2008


From a year or so ago.
Leica M-6  50mm f/2
Tri-X  Diafine

I have used Diafine since it came out way back in the 60's.
It has not always been my favorite developer
 but it has always had a place on my shelf.


Anonymous said...


Diafine...I had almost forgotten
how many 35mm rolls of film were processed in that old stainless steel Nikor tank.
The great thing was no replenishment until it got so dark in the plastic jug the light would not penatrate thru the developer.
I did not know they still had it around...or was this some you stored away?
Acufine was also a great developer for pushing Tri-X to 1600 ASA and higher.
With Diafine the time and temp. did not matter...within reason.

steve said...


Diafine is still available. Calumet in Chicago stills it and I am sure that other major dealers either have it or could get it.
I always use Diafine for subjects with a high brightness range since it controls the highlights so well.
I have also found that negs processed in Diafine scan very well.
I love the fact that time and temp were not you say, within reason. One more reason to like two bath developers.
I have also used and really like Split 76 or D-23 with a Borax second bath. These do not "push" the film but they give good grain with nice highlight control. And, of course the "2 bath edge" .