Friday, July 4, 2008

Summer Sun

" Spring has sprung...
  Fall has  fell....
   Summer is here and it is hotter then hell"
Something my children used to say when they were younger.
In reality it is 62 degrees and raining.

Something comes over us in summer....
A different way of seeing....
Things are warm and bright, even if they aren't...
We become more optimistic, 
Aware of  bright future in spite of all evidence to the contrary.

Maybe it goes back to humanities origin in Africa.
Maybe we have a genetic disposition for light and warmth.
Maybe, as artists, we just need light to create.

In any event, here is some summer sun for you.
Happy 4th of July holiday!


Anonymous said...

If only we had photoshop 40 years much time in the darkroom could have been better spent?

steve said...

Ah Yes,
But working in the darkroom 40 years ago taught us what we want to see in a photo.....what it should look like....where we could take it to be more expressive. I have found that my younger students have no idea what a good print looks like. So they have no starting place when processing. They just run around photoshop like a blind squirrel seeking an acorn.
Sometimes they get lucky but mostly not so much.
40 years ago we learned the road, today we just have a newer vehicle to get there.

Anonymous said...

I really enjoy "blogging".
Your site inspires me to get the camera out to capture more images.
Thank You for the great images.