Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Class Night

Ahh,  the 4th class in the series of six.
Landscape 101.......after how to use the camera,
comes  "How To See 101".....

This, in the front yard of the museum......
just waiting, unseen,  for discovery and recognition.

Within 3 feet of students, busy setting up gear,
too busy to look down, too busy to see.

Much to often we are all like that....... 
too busy with our own pursuits to look,
or even to realize where we are and what surrounds us.

I, at least need to spend more time in "now" ....
and less time in future plans and past "stuff".
More time spent seeing......less time searching...
for that which is right


Anonymous said...


("and in 500 hundred years from now,
when we are all forgotten,
our hopes, our dreams ,
our plans, our schemes,
will also be forgotten,
so now we have to live our lives,
don't worry about the past,
for it has up and gone away,
and never shall return,
live for the moment,
live for today,
the future is not here,
live for the moment,
live for today,
because no one here,
is here to stay.")

Now on a postive note,
"great detail and color in your photograph.
Keep posting them.


steve said...

I love that quote.....
where did it come from?


Anonymous said...

It was found at the bottom of a bottle...