Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Tide Pool

Well, I seem to have solved the contrast problem.
This bloody thing can take a good photo after all.
For a while I was not sure that I could get what I needed in the camera.
While I have great software, Photoshop & Lightroom, 
I have never been one for darkroom work.

I have always thought of myself as a camera person not a lab person.
My idea has been to give myself a flexible negative.
So that I do not need to preform major surgery to get a good print.

I know, "the negative is the score and the print is the performance". ( A.A.)
I agree but, try to taking all that time when you are on a news deadline
or while the client is in the next room waiting to see a print.

In other words, I try to get it on the negative the way I want it.
Or in this case, get it on the CF card.

No offense intended to those of you whose main enjoyment is tweaking in PS.
I am sure that I could get a somewhat better print if I worked it over for an hour or two.
I am just not built that way.
I really want the camera to do as much of the work as possible.

Remember the ferret in the darkroom, see earlier posts?
Well, since I let him out I am not sure that he will ever go back inside,
and that is not a bad thing.
No more squinting in the light and being all out of sorts
from way too much time in the dark.



Anonymous said...

It is good to know that you have moved to digital.
The camera will in most cases do what you program it to do as far as sharpness, contrast and satuation of colors.
As far as the darkroom I remember working for hours processing in "Dektol" as someone burned in the details on fiber based paper.
That was more fun than a person should be allowed to have for five hours a night, three days a week.

steve said...

I to remember those long nights in the darkroom.
I was still doing them until very recently.
Your right, more fun than a person should be allowed to have.
How long before the Dektol seeps out of your blood?

The ferret has escaped!