Thursday, June 12, 2008

Seen Again For The First Time

The "Ah Ha" moment comes when we least expect it.
Just sitting or walking somewhere and, boom.
 The lighting bolt from all the comic books hits us.

I think that we need to be "ready" to receive.
Tuned in to the universe....maybe.
Just start working, even if you don't see anything.
The physical process of starting to work in your medium,
Even if the work is no good. (so, don't judge it, just do it!)
Is the trigger that makes you "ready" to receive.

And when you are ready, you will find yourself....
"In the flow",   almost a working meditation,
A focus on your work that shuts out everything else.
A place where ideas and breakthroughs flow to you.
Where you see familiar things  as if for the first time.

This group of work is an example of that.
I have long lost count of how many  times I have seen,
walked past, gone into, or rested in front of this old mill.
In my analytic mode, I see a tourist photo.
Nothing that I want to bother with.

However, on this day I saw it differently.
Good, bad, indifferent, all of these, 
I really don't care.
I was working well and that is what matters.

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