Friday, June 6, 2008

Real World Test

Old cabins and a great line though the rock.
A test of texture, depth of tone, mid tone values,
and the extremes of contrast.
Kids seen through the car window. The one on the right had just taken a photo with her cell phone. Looked up and saw me photographing her.
She looked away but of course the others had to look at me.
That one was taken in B&W mode in the camera. 
Just to see how it worked.
Not too bad for just three photos.

I am not one for testing by taking photos of charts.
Nothing against anyone who does that.
I even sometimes read those reviews.
But, I am a working photographer and I am more interested in how stuff works for the way I work. There is some great gear out there that just does not work for me and the way I work.
What camera gear you use is a very personal decision that has a lot more to do with how you work than how many lenses you own or how many pixels your camera has to offer.
You know, come to think of it, I have never sold a photo of a test chart. :-)

Real world testing as it were. Testing where you see something,
do not have your tripod with you, hand hold the camera leaning against a wall,
hold very steady, let out half your breath, and squeeze.

Real world testing: walking along with the camera on auto focus and av exposure,
a fleeting sight, raise camera, shoot.  Does it work out? Real world test.

A shot through the windshield, no time to focus, sighted down the lens,
only time for a quick shot.  Real world test.

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