Friday, June 13, 2008

The Other View

Have you ever been to a tourist spot?
One of those that have "scenic spot"  signs,
just in case the visitors are too visually illiterate
 to notice a great view.

Have you ever watched as tourists with cameras
lined up at "The Spot" where a famous artist has worked?
As if by being in that spot they could get the same photo.

These people miss the whole point of art.
Art is about creation, not imitation.
Art is not guaranteed by access.
Just because you can gain entrance to the most beautiful
spot in the world does not mean that you can create art there.
There are a lot of bad photos taken in great locations.

The creation process allows you to make 
good work in average or even poor locations.

How to do this?
Well, start by looking for the "Other View"....
The one that other people do not see.
Which way are the tourists looking?
Look the other direction.

What you cannot see in this example
is the crowd of tourists with cameras, 
standing right across the road...
facing the other direction!

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