Sunday, June 1, 2008

Lighted Pathway

How can we tell if we are on the path?
Here are a few ways to tell.

1) Everyone thinks that you have "lost it".
    You no longer think like they do.
     You "see" things that no one else sees.

2) You wake up at around 4AM with new ideas.
     You cannot wait to implement these ideas.
     You may feel that these ideas were "brought" to you.

3) You would rather do art than anything else.
      Now your friends are sure that you have lost it.

4) Your family and friends try to convince you to "come back to reality".
       They "know" that you can never make a living as an artist.
       They may even think about having an intervention to "save" you.

5) You no longer care what your friends & family think.
      You are going to do art anyway.
6) You start talking about being surrounded by negative people.
      You start removing these negative influences from your life.

7) You are now convinced that you are going to make it as an artist.
       You no longer tolerate any negativity around you.
        You begin to surround yourself with like minded people.
        These are usually, but not always other artists.

8) You notice that your art is better.
      You do more art, get more ideas, produce better work.
       You now know that the 4AM wake up ideas are brought to you
9) People begin to notice your work.
     You get friends and family saying, " I knew you could do it."
     You do not care. You remember when they "knew" that you would fail.

10) You are recognized as an artist.
        You do not care about this either,
         You just want to work.

If you recognize yourself in at least 2 of these examples.....
    You are on the path.


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