Monday, June 30, 2008

Golden Light

Last week was a busy week.
Beginning with a party and drumming circle on Friday to celebrate the solstice.

The arrival of a new printer for my work. A Canon if it matters.

Putting together the class proposal for next fall at the museum.

Taking down my show and re-photographing it all for the new database that I am using to catalog my work. It has been a real problem finding things from many years ago since they were not on the computer. I keep chipping away at that.

So, this week I hope to find the time to get out with the camera and work.

I used this photo: "Golden Light"   to make myself feel better since all we have seen around here has been rain............anyone know what a "cubit" is?    heh


Anonymous said...

Excellent Photograph!
Cubit: "an ancient unit of linear measure from 17 to 22 inches" used a long time ago by a man named Noah...

steve said...

Glad that you like it. Sometimes the light is just right.

Hmm.....Noah, oh right, he was the old guy who built the leaky boat used by the Gilligan party who wound up on that island back in the 60's....I remember that show. heh