Thursday, May 15, 2008


Drawn by the light...
Destination unknown...

We move down the pathway.
Our light, a guide for those who will come after.
Light from before, echoing down through time.

Whose light do we follow?
Who do we choose as a guide?
How long do we follow?

Those questions makes all the difference
in our art and in our life.

In the beginning, we follow, we emulate, sometimes we "steal from the best".
How did you mix that color?   What lens did you use?   Where is that scene?
Some folks stay at this point forever.
Imprisoned by the fear of moving forward.

By the old ideas that say, "You're not good enough" 
to do whatever it is that makes your heart sing.

By reluctance to leave our comfort zone:
"I am not happy being a failure, but at least I know what to expect."

By fear of the unknown: "I might fail"  
Of course you may succeed beyond your wildest dreams.

At some point, we need to step onto the path,
Out of the shadow of those we have followed.

Allow our own light to grow in intensity,
Until it eclipses all else around us,
Bathing our world in the radiance of artistic creation.


Mama Fisch said...

Very lovely!

Anonymous said...

You truly amaze me--didn,t know you were a poet, too.

steve said...

Thank you both for your feedback.
I'm glad that you like the blog.
Now, tell all your friends.