Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Night Work

Tonight begins the class in night photography that I am teaching at Art Interface in Springfield.
We have had some problems getting things rolling due to the remodeling at the museum where classes are held.

This will be the first time that I have taught it with digital cameras included. Up until now I have used this class as yet another way of teaching the movements of view cameras as well as reciprocity correction and differential film development.

So, this will be an interesting experience for me. Don't tell the students but I may learn more than they do. That seems to be the way things work out when I teach. I always learn more that the students. There is such a variety of cameras, questions, and ideas that I get more out of it than I had expected.

I will be working with digital only this time, leaving my view camera at home. We shall see what comes from that. I have been using the digital off and on for several years now and am at the point of  considering moving to digital capture for all my work. So this will be another test for both me and the equipment.   I will keep you posted on my experience and I will post some work from the class when we get out of the class room and into the field.

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