Friday, May 2, 2008


A nice quiet place to sit and relax. Put your feet up and kick back for a while.
You could call it meditating. In fact, meditation is a form of altered consciousness, a state where you can get in touch with the creative side of yourself.

There are basically three main types of meditation that I use:
1) Clearing the mind;  like the '70's TM craze that swept the world.
2) Directed or guided;  where there is a stated goal such as solving a problem and / or where you are led through the meditation by another person or a tape.
3) Moving;  a walking or working form of meditation.
Now, these may be combined to suit your needs; for example, you may take a 20 minute walk while trying to be "in the moment"  in other words to "just be walking". Or, you may walk with headphones listening to a guided meditation tape. Or, you may sit, clearing your mind while waiting for the solution to a stated problem. Feel free to pick, choose, and combine the main methods. Also feel free to invent your own way. Whatever works for you is correct.

Some people use a mantra or a affirmation to meditate. It may be a simple one like OM or AH.
It may also be a phrase such as:  I am worthy.   I am creative.   I am inspired.
For me the phrase seems to work best while I am walking. I walk in time to the phrase I am using.
A simple OM or a guided script in my own voice seems to work best for me as a seated or mind clearing meditation. I find it very helpful in stress relief and artist block removal.

We all get those times when we pick up the camera or the brush and .....nothing......
For me that is the time to meditate.   Just my opinion.
Your milage may vary.


Lisa Call said...

Steve - thanks for sharing your approach to meditation. It's great to hear how other artists approach their creativity.

vicki said...

Steve, I just love this one--it is very conducive to mediation. Keep up the good work

steve said...

OM Om om ooommm

Delilah said...

I think I will use I am organized ahhhhh