Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Making Art

A fellow artist, in talking about her blog, recently told me; "I rarely talk about actually making my artwork anymore."    Good Point.
I will try not to talk about cameras, lenses or filters excessively  in this blog. 
Because, after all:
Is there a magic filter or an enchanted paint brush?
Is there a special loom that will make fiber art that no one else can ever do?
Is there a special lens that will go out and create art all by itself?

Of course not.

Now, I know that many non artists, could we call them Muggles,  are fascinated by the magic of the creative process and that is a good thing, because it may help them become more creative. 
But should we artists pander to the magazine inspired idea that: "This new thing-a-ma-bob will make great photos or lyrical paintings"? I don't think so.

I believe that one of the many goals of art and the teaching of art is to inspire.
Not to inspire my students to become little "steve clones"
but to inspire them to reach deeper into themselves and pull out their own talent.
Not only to teach the mechanics of my art,
but to attempt to open their minds to their own greatness.

You see, art is created twice.
First in the mind of the artist as an idea or a vision,
Second in the manifestation of that idea into physical reality.
The first is the art, the second is just mechanics.

Any one can learn the mechanics,
the art is not so much learned as it is lived.
An inward journey, under taken only by a few.

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