Monday, May 5, 2008

Giving Birth / Creativity

I don't know about you, but for me creating art is something I must do.
My wife tells me that being creative is like being pregnant you either are or you aren't.
You can not be a little bit creative or a little bit pregnant. It is either or.

Now, unlike being pregnant, all of us are born creative. Some of us have been told over the years that we are not good at art or that we should learn another profession because, "you can't make a living as an artist".  Ever heard that?  I think we all have at one time or another. This is usually said by loving friends and / or family. They mean the best for us but they do not understand that we MUST CREATE. For us there is no middle ground. We, as human beings, as artists, as a piece of the great creation, we must create or we will surely wither and die, of boredom, if nothing else.

To be alive is to create. We create our lives by our thoughts, our actions. We create our problems (mostly) and our successes. We are always creating whether we know it or not. We do it consciously or by default, but we do it all the time.
So, why not do it intentionally? 
Stop listening to well meaning friends and family and for goodness sake never listen to critics, nay sayers, or negative people.  
Find an art that you enjoy. It makes no difference if you think that you are good at it or not. That is a learning thing, and you can learn anything. Just go and do it.   Practice....Practice...Practice...
You will get better, you will learn, you will have less stress, you will feel closer to your real self, you will begin to release your in born creativity.  You will begin giving birth to ART.
OK, start now!!


éric gunet-caplain said...

that was a real pleasure to read this !
i'm absolutly with you !
more we are creating and more we are living.
great !!!
and nices photos too !

steve said...

Thanks Eric,
Nice to know that someone out there thinks as I do.
Glad that you like the photos.