Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Brick Works

The present is clear and vibrant...

The future goal is seen,
illumined by our plans and dreams.
But seen as though thru a bright doorway,
partially obscured by the very light that keeps us working.

The in between space is darker, more mysterious.
A place of half seen steps and pitfalls in the hazy light.
The place of what now and what next.
The place where fear of our greatness lurks,
just out of our vision in the gloom.

There is a path....
The bricks have been laid,
by the dreams and actions of our past.
It is a path we have created.
Now we must follow it, for it leads to our destiny.


Anonymous said...


Your Photography is stuuning and your writing not far behin; so surprising I live in Tasmania, Oz and some of your photographs could be from around where I live.

steve said...

I have always thought that any place is magical if we have the eyes to see it that way. We all live in wonderful places but we get used to them so we don't see them anymore.
Glad you like the work.