Friday, May 2, 2008

Art A Fairs

Ah, spring has sprung. The sun is bright, the birds are singing, flowers are blooming, trees are budding, and my mailboxes both snail mail and email are filled with invitations to participate in the warm season rite of.... The Art Fair.

Now, most of these are, to be honest, Art and Craft fairs......
An excuse for the community to get out of the house, spend some money (or not), eat junk food, and maybe, if they are very lucky, get some exposure to a bit of "art". 

I have only once, many years ago, been an exhibitor at one of these affairs. It took only the one time for me to decide that this was not the way I wanted /needed to go. I was just not comfortable in that venue. Over the years, however, many of my students, as they began their careers, used this venue as a means of making some extra money and, more importantly, getting necessary feedback on their work.

Sometimes use of this venue can provide good input and some practice getting your "elevator story" honed to perfection. Other times you may find yourself in between the woman who desiccates field mice and dresses them in her handmade outfits and the chainsaw wood carver.   "what, you want to buy a print??? speak up ....can't hear you over the chainsaw."

For me, it does not work, your milage may vary.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Steve,

What do you mean by 'elevator story??"